Autor: V/A

Wydawnictwo: Brilliant Classics

Wydawca Brilliant Classics
Oprawa Pudełko kartonowe

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The most extensive guitar collection available! This 40 CD set spans several centuries of
guitar music: from the Baroque where the guitar gained preference over its ancestor the
Lute, to the Classical Period in which the instrument was emancipated and gained its
rightful place as a serious concert instrument, through Spain, its country of origin, right into
the 20th century where famous composers extended its sonic possibilities to the very
borders of the spectrum. A treasure trove of unprecedented scope and substance, for both
connoisseur and music lover, performed by world class guitarists

Szczegóły produktu

Autor V/A
Sztuk nośnika 40
Wymiary 14.0x13.0cm
wydawca Brilliant Classics
Liczba tomów 40
Nośnik główny CD-Audio
Oprawa Pudełko kartonowe
Kod paskowy 5028421954806
Rok wydania 2017
Języki angielski

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