Heart of Darkness

Autor: Conrad Joeseph

Wydawnictwo: Vintage

  • Wydawca: Vintage
  • Stron: 152
  • Oprawa: Miękka

Opis produktu

The silence of the jungle is broken only by the ominous sound of drumming. Life on the river is brutal and unknown threats lurk in the darkness. Marlow's mission to captain a steamer upriver into the dense interior leads him into conflict with the others who haunt the forest. But his decision to hunt down the mysterious Mr Kurtz, an ivory trader who is the subject of sinister rumours, leads him into more than just physical peril.

Szczegóły produktu

AutorConrad Joeseph
Liczba stron152
Kod paskowy9781784871666
Rok wydania2016

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