Mother Land

Autor: Theroux Paul

Wydawnictwo: Penguin Books

Wydawca Penguin Books

Opis produktu

A darkly hilarious portrait of one dysfunctional American family and its scheming matriarch
Everyone in Cape Cod thinks that Mother is a wonderful woman: pious, hard-working, frugal. Everyone except her husband and seven children. To them she is a selfish and petty tyrant -- endlessly comparing her many living children to the one who died in childbirth, keeping a vice-like hold on her offspring even as they try to escape into adulthood. Welcome to Mother Land: a suffocating kingdom of parental narcissism. This is an engrossing, hilarious and heartbreaking portrait of a modern family -- the bickering, the conspiracies, and the drive to overcome the painful ties that bind.

Szczegóły produktu

AutorTheroux Paul
wydawcaPenguin Books
Liczba stron520
Kod paskowy9780241293539
Rok wydania2017

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