Nominal Structure in Cognitive Grammar.

Autor: Langacker Ronald W.

Wydawnictwo: UMCS

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Nearly three decades after the publication of the ground-breaking Foundations of Cognitive Grammar (vol. 1, 1987),the framework devised by Ronald W. Langacker for a cognitively-grounded account of language has not lost momentum. After a long period during which the major descriptive constructs were laid out for the linguistic community and applied in numerous analyses of language data, Cognitive Grammar continues to probe deeper with an ever-increasing acuity. This volume, a record of a series of lectures Langacker gave at UMCS, Lublin, Poland, in May 2014, is concerned with nominal structure. The author presents an impressively detailed account of how nominals link with cognitive processes, allowing conceptualizers to construe aspects of their experience for purposes of linguistic symbolization.
The Editors (Adam Głaz, Hubert Kowalewski, Przemysław Łozowski)

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AutorLangacker Ronald W.
Liczba stron188
PodytułThe Lublin Lectures
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