The Water Kingdom

Autor: Ball Philip

Wydawnictwo: Vintage

Wydawca Vintage

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Selected as a Book of the Year by The Times and The Economist China's history is an epic tapestry of courtly philosophies, warring factions and imperial intrigue. Yet, over five thousand years, one ancient element has so dramatically shaped the country's fate that it remains the key to unlocking China's story. That element is water. In The Water Kingdom Philip Ball takes us on a grand tour of China's defining element, from the rice terraces and towering karts of its battle-worn waterways, to the vast engineering projects that have struggled to contain water's wrath. What surfaces is the secret history of a people and a nation, drawn from its deep reverence for nature's most dynamic force.

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AutorBall Philip
Liczba stron352
PodytułA Secret History of China
Kod paskowy9781784701543
Rok wydania2017

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